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Great idea, but in many markets the yearly salary for a full-time senior-level designer is over $100k plus benefits. Also, you may simply not always have enough work for a full time designer or agency. You may be stuck with a full-time bill for part-time work.

With a monthly plan, its easy to pause & resume your subscription whenever you need, so you only pay your designer when you have work for them.

With your subscription, you can add as many design requests as you’d like. Once they are in your queue they will be completed & delivered in order.

Most design requests take about two business days or less (M-F). However, a more complex design can take more time.

Currently, all the design work is done by me, the creator of Hain Design. You and I will work together to create the most effective & efficient solution for your needs.  However, some specialist services are provided by our vetted partners. 

A pause in your plan can be quite helpful if you don’t have enough design work for a full month. You many only have a design request or two at any moment. 

Our billing cycles use a 31 day period. For example, if you sign up & use 10 Hours of a 16 Hour Plan and then decide to pause your subscription, this pauses your billing cycle and you’ll have 6 hours of service to be used sometime in the future.

We offer flexibility in how you request designs, mostly using Trello. Some clients place requests directly via Trello, or sharing info thru Google docs/drive. If you don’t like writing out your design brief, some record a brief video (with Loom, etc.). If you can share it or link to it in Trello, we’ll get to it. game.

Not a problem. We will revise your design until you’re pleased. 

All good. Pause your plan when your request is completed and simply get in touch when you have new needs, So you can be sure to utilize your full investment.

Most projects are designed using Adobe Creative Suite, with special applications where needed. 

Due to the high quality nature of the work and the time provided, there are no refunds issued.

We design creative solutions
to help you be your best.

Intentional Design
for Conscious Companies

Hain Design



Friendly Design
for a
Better World
Friendly Design
for a
Better World

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