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Friendly Design
for a Better World

Our process combines the way people think and feel that causes them to take action, with the powerful influence of design and marketing. This can produce more effective branding for your business that results in a stronger connection to your audience.

We create with a philosophy of
“Intentional Design.”

Intentional Design is a process that not only yields better branding – but when fully implemented can produce spillover effects into many areas of a business – corporate culture, new marketing strategies, and even new product offerings… that can lead to increased leads & potential profits from previously unseen sources.

Working with us will provide you a broader perspective of strategies and solutions that can boost your business.

Intentional Design starts with core questions that drive your customers and effect your success, whether or not your company is thinking about them.

Our process can be quick and surface level or dive to the depths of your needs, budget & overall desired outcome. The strategies will help connect your current business with its optimal direction forward.

To learn more about our unique philosophy & approach, and how we can help your business build new connections, create new solutions, and strengthen your presence – Call, send an email or message thru the contact form and we’ll be happy to show you more.

Helping your business is more than our business, it is our goal. We strive for mutually beneficial relationships to keep a healthy balance of energy from what bring in to the value we provide you. Truly, an upgrade in overall life experience is how we are called to serve.

We look forward to creating something amazing with you.

How Can We Help?

Expand Your Brand

Let us be your guide to expanding your reach & boosting sales. Your Brand, Your Story, Our Skills.

Design Your New Business

Our creative expertise meets your vision for a powerful launch. We offer content creators & entrepreneurs a tailored approach to rise above the crowd.

Campaign & Content Creation

Whether you're marketing to connect to a local audience or creating content to reach the masses, we deliver
ideas with engaging results.

AI Integration

Evolve your business with the latest options in ai -
design, marketing & so much more.

Interiors, Events & Experiences

We love to help create the spaces & moments
that define your life to create lasting memories
or drive new business.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Let us help focus your mission to connect with your audience through content marketing, search engine marketing & more.


I’ve worked with Hain Design for years and on a wide-range of marketing projects. I can rely on Greg to not only deliver great work but provide valuable recommendations. As a marketing professional, I consider him one of my secret weapons.

Stephanie D.

Marketing Director

I have worked with Greg on numerous projects. He is always very professional, organized and is great about hitting his deadlines. His work is solid, creative and always relevant to the times. I would definitely recommend Greg for any creative work that you need done.

Robert E.


Hain Design did an excellent job helping us name our company and also creating a logo for us. They were always available to discuss progress and very friendly and easy to work with. I definitely recommend this company!

Candace G.

Business Owner

Having recently completed one of my many digital branding projects with Greg at Hain Design, I continued to experience his extremely high level of client dedication. Greg continues to prove to be highly reliable & flexible whilst providing me with an honest & expert opinion allied to current market trends.

Tinka M.

Content Creator

Greg is smart creative and on time. We initially thought we just needed a new logo for our site. Greg explained how our logo was not really the first thing we needed to get done. We needed to make color & style changes to our website & do a small tweak of our logo. Thanks for all your help!

James S.

Business Owner

Amazing & attentive to detail! I have had the pleasure of working with Greg on numerous occasions on various types of projects such as: business cards, logos & more. He is always prompt with his revisions & excellent at achieving specific goals. Being from the NY area, we all know how fast things fly & how everything was needed yesterday. Greg truly achieves a clean execution of any & all of your artistic needs.

Christina G.

Content Creator

I received a complete website tailor-made covering every aspect I was interested in & then some! Not only is the work gorgeous but we worked together seamlessly across the country in different time zones without any sort of issues. Greg would listen to my generic requests & somehow understand, providing me with an artistically upbeat complete website that’s easy to navigate & also trained me how to update on my own! This site was an embarrassment before & now I am so proud to tell people to check it out. You cannot get better work than this!

Jessica S.

Business Owner

Greg is the best. His work is rare in that it is great, fast & affordable. He is professional & fun to work with. He has helped my company with branding & I would recommend him to any business that wants to be competitive & successful.

Sonya V.

Content Creator

Greg is a joy to work with! He has everything you want in a designer–a great eye, excellent grasp of what ‘works’ & he’s reliable. I’ve had problems with ideas being lost in translation while communicating to other designers, but not with Greg.  He helped me with design print ads, website banners, newsletters, etc. for a software company. Highly recommend!

Alina F.

Marketing Director

Intentional Design
for Conscious Companies

Hain Design



Friendly Design
for a
Better World
Friendly Design
for a
Better World

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